Who We Are

Chapel Dulcinea was constructed on the new campus of Wizard Academy as an expression of our belief in the value of long-term commitment. A wedding chapel is the perfect symbol of how equal-but-opposite perspectives don’t have to merge into the somber, dead grey of compromise, but can be drawn together to create the wonderful electricity that flows when polarities are brought into close proximity.

These important ideas and others are woven into the physical location, the architecture, and the name of Chapel Dulcinea. It is our gift to the world because it’s a symbolic expression of who we are, and the creative values for which we stand.

Similes and metaphors express symbolic thoughts in a spoken or written language. In matters of faith, symbolism is woven into sacrament and ritual. Artists use shapes and colors symbolically. Likewise, musicians use pitch, key, rhythm, musical interval, contour and tempo to symbolically express ideas, feelings and moods.

Wizard Academy is a nontraditional business school that teaches the science behind every art. Perhaps the most misunderstood and poorly leveraged art in our society is the art of communication using symbolic thought in color, archetype, advertising, architecture, ritual, theatre and music.

Chapel Dulcinea is a symbol of beautiful dreams and absolute commitment, the primary ingredients of “happily ever after.”


The Friends, Alumni, Faculty,
and Board of Directors of Wizard Academy

Become a Dulcinea Darling if you want to help fund the gift of a free wedding chapel to lovers on their special day.You’ll make our day. We’ll dance around the room. You have no idea how rare you are.