The Ruins of Babylon

The complete text of the book written by Kermit Roosevelt about patrolling the ruins of Bablyon in 1916 is available online. It’s just one of the many generous gifts of Project Gutenberg.

This online book even includes the original photos. Read it and remember that some things never change.

Sadly, Kermit Roosevelt never really recovered from the death of his father. Of all Theodore Roosevelt’s sons, it was only Kermit who accompanied him on his many safaris and adventures. And it was Kermit who carried his injured father out of the jungle in South America following the disaster that befell them there. Reassigned by the military – at the request of his mother – to a post in Alaska to “keep him out of trouble” following the death of his Dad, Kermit put his army-issue .45 under his chin and pulled the trigger.

War in the Garden of Eden is just one of the many wonderful books this troubled young man left behind. The Long Trail is another of Kermit’s excellent works.

Roy H. Williams