Policies / FAQ

We are honored to have weddings almost everyday. Please check in the Welcome Center upon arrival so we can let you know if there is a wedding currently in progress or if your party has arrived yet. Also, we very much appreciate your help keeping the venue clean and presentable.

Thank you!


The FREE WEDDINGS at Chapel Dulcinea are charged a refundable No-Show fee that is paid when we confirm your reservation date. Two to four weeks after your event, your fee will be refunded and mailed to the address your provided us.
If you don’t show up for your reservation - or fail to check in at the Welcome Center you forfeit the refund. Please DO NOT call us and say, “we were there but we forgot to come in”.
The PAID WEDDINGS are scheduled Friday/Saturday/Sunday and 7PM Monday-Thursday. The $500.00 reservation fee is not refunded.

Reschedules or Cancellations.

We understand unforeseen crises can make it necessary to change your plans. We do allow 50% of the refund for cancellations when you cancel 30+ days from the reservation date.

Bad Weather Policy.

To eliminate endless disagreements, we've had to take the simple position of NO REFUND of No-show fee due to bad weather - only reschedules. Sorry for the hard line, but judging the weather is very subjective and it's your decision if it's too wet or too cold - however, you're still required to call us. If you want to control your environment, please consider the risk of temperamental weather before you register for our OUTDOOR chapel.

DO's & DON'Ts

Bubbles are highly recommended (and really fun!) since it's imperative that you leave the Chapel, Bride's Room and Reception Pavilion clean and ready for the next event. Real petals are permitted to be thrown at the Chapel - HOWEVER - you're required to sweep up whatever you drop. A $250 fee will be charged to anyone throwing rice, artificial flower petals or confetti.

Candles are permitted in glass containers but limited to the front of the Chapel only.
Sparklers and Sky Lanterns are strictly prohibited due to fire risk. This is a request from the local fire department.

No food or drinks are permitted in or around the Chapel.

Smoking on campus is only permitted in designated smoking areas.

Please stop in at the Welcome Center upon arrival. You can watch an intro video, grab a drink or a snack, and let us know that you're on campus to walk around. We can let you know if your party has arrived or if there is a wedding currently in progress.

No vehicle access to the Chapel. Do not attempt to drive to the Chapel. Yes - we've had it happen. We do have a complimentary wheelchair for you to borrow, but if you or your guests are unable or unwilling to walk 200 yards on an outdoor trail, please consider another location. Please be aware that we will not transport anyone or anything to the chapel by golf cart.

Chapel Dulcinea is on private property. Unruly guests can and will be evicted.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to the Chapel?
Click here for directions.

What do I get with my reservation?

Because of your reservation you have access to Chapel Dulcinea, Spence Diamond Pavilion AND the Bride's and Groom's rooms.

When can I visit the Chapel?

You're welcome to visit 7 days a week from 8AM to 8PM. Be sure stop by the Welcome Center immediately upon arrival so you're not guilty of criminal trespass and to see if a wedding party is currently using the chapel. Our security policies require us to know who is on campus at all times.

Is there a place for brides and grooms to get ready?

Yes! The Paul and Jean Compton Bride's Room can be found at the Welcome Center near the Chapel Dulcinea parking lot and the new Groom's Room is a short distance away near the Chapel path. If you show up early and there is no one available to unlock the rooms and check to be sure the previous party didn't trash it*, you may have to be patient until one of the staff is free to do this. (*You would be surprised how often the friends of the bride and groom leave a horrible mess.) So, it's important that you leave the Bride's Room and Groom's Room clean and ready for the next couple.

Who can use the chapel?

Any two people who wish to make a life-commitment to each other are welcome to use Chapel Dulcinea.

How many people can the Chapel accommodate?

Seating on stones under the roof can accommodate 12 people. We can add chairs to the wings that is overed under the main roof and it allows it to accommodate up to 30-40 under the main roof with a few more viewing from the surrounding plaza. But let's be clear about this: Dulcinea is a small chapel. DO NOT PLAN ON MORE THAN 60 PEOPLE.

Is there an alternate facility we can use in bad weather?

No. But we do allow you to reschedule in the event of bad weather. Sorry - no refunds, just a free reschedule.

Can I have cake and/or a quick wedding toast in the Chapel?

No.  Food and drink are not allowed in the Chapel.  But, the Canadian Diamond Pavilion is available at no charge for small receptions. This elegant pavilion was funded by Spence Diamonds of Canada to give newlyweds a quiet place for a wedding toast with wine or champagne and a small cake-cutting ceremony. It is available only to couples who reserve Chapel Dulcinea and is limited to the same 1.5 hour window that you have reserved to use the Chapel.

Do not mistake the Canadian Diamond Pavilion for a party pavilion.  The small size of the pavilion (20' X 20') limits the use to small receptions.  There are no tables and chairs but you may rent these from the Welcome Center. Because of its proximity to Chapel Dulcinea and nearby homes, we do not allow loud music at the pavilion.

Champagne & wine are permitted to be served by a licensed TABC server, but hard alcohol is not.

No food is allowed except wedding cakes. It's very important for you to leave the facility clean, so please bring your own trash bags and a broom. DO NOT leave drinks, food crumbs or trash in the pavilion. All rowdy guests will be evicted from the property. So don't let your friends get drunk.  If you want to have a wedding reception with food and dancing, you will need to use a different facility.

Are there reception sites close by?

There are 3 reception sites in the near vicinity. Listed in order of proximity to the chapel, the nearest are The Veranda Room,  Tuscan Hall, Fang and Feather, and The Wildflower Barn.  In exchange for parking privileges, Chapel Dulcinea has agreed to schedule AN ADDITIONAL WEDDING on sold-out dates for couples renting Tuscan Hall or The Veranda Room for their receptions.  Call the Welcome Center for details.

Can we reserve the Chapel for our rehearsal?

No, we don't make reservations for rehearsals but you're welcome to have a rehearsal anytime the chapel is not being used. We're open 7 days a week from 8AM to 8PM. Just check with the staff to see when weddings are scheduled so you don't interrupt a ceremony. The times most often available are early week - Monday morning through noon Thursday - but please check with us to be sure. If you get there and find that someone else is already using the chapel for their rehearsal, we hope you'll be gracious and wait patiently until they're done. Please limit your rehearsal time to no more than 30 minutes.

Can we decorate the Chapel?

We do allow you to decorate with lightweight ribbons, flowers and decorations as long as there are no attachments to the walls using tacks, nails, staples or other things that might leave a mark. Likewise, there are to be no attachments made to the gaslights or their supply lines.

A $250. fine will be charged to anyone throwing rice, artificial petals or confetti.

Can music be played at the Chapel?

Yes. We have an electric outlet available for you to plug in portable music and we also allow live music such as guitarists, mariachis, harpists and violinists. But no loud bands or amplified music.

Can we rent chairs for our ceremony?

Yes! The Welcome Center has a large number of classic, white wedding chairs available to rent for $7.50 each. These prices include the set-up and removal of the chairs. You can reserve them at https://wizardchairs.com/

You're also welcome to bring your own chairs but they must be removed immediately following your wedding. It is important to note that there is NO VEHICLE ACCESS TO THE CHAPEL, so you'll be carrying these chairs from the nearest parking lot. We've found that most ceremonies last only 15 to 20 minutes, so chairs aren't an absolute necessity.

How do I sponsor the gaslights?

 If you want to sign up to sponsor the gaslights, just give us $25 and the name of the person you want to honor and we'll place their name in the sign near the Chapel on their special day. This is a big help in offsetting the gaslight expenses.

How much parking is there?

The Chapel Dulcinea parking lot will accommodate about 20 cars. If your wedding exceeds the parking capacity of the Chapel Dulcinea lot, you are free to park in the overflow parking next to the main parking lost. Or You can park in the adjoining parking lot of Tuscan Hall. In exchange for these parking privileges, Chapel Dulcinea has agreed to schedule AN ADDITIONAL WEDDING on sold-out dates for couples renting Tuscan Hall for their reception.

Do you have a list of nearby hotels for my family and friends?

There are several nice hotels a short distance from our chapel in south Austin and nearby Buda. Check our Service Providers list or the list of hotels most frequently used by our students and visitors which can be found at WizardAcademy.org

Do you provide the officiant?

No. You are responsible for making arrangements with a minister. We have a list of Service Providers that have contributed to help support Chapel Dulcinea that includes ministers and judges as well as photographers, caterers, florists and musicians. However, you do not have to use one of our service providers, you're free to use anyone you choose.

How do I reserve the Chapel?

Reservations are scheduled online. You can view our available dates on the calendar. You are allowed only one active reservation. No multiple booking of dates will be allowed. There is no charge for using the chapel, but you will forfeit your No-show fee and have to post another No-show fee each time you change your reservation.

Can we ring the bell?

Yes - Our one request is that you and your spouse ring the bell in the bell tower at the conclusion of your vows, thus signifying that another couple has been married in Chapel Dulcinea!

Can we rent a horse drawn carriage for our ceremony?

No. Since the Chapel is located on the edge of a cliff, I'm sure you understand the liability.

Are pets allowed?

Yes.  Well behaved pets are permitted on a leash but remember - you scoop whatever they poop.