Non-Wedding Events

Wedding Renewals, Civil Ceremonies, Proposals, Christenings and Memorials are welcome to schedule Monday through Thursday. Friday through Sunday is reserved for official weddings only.

Professional Photo Shoots are also welcome to schedule Monday through Thursday but you will not be refunded the $200 "No-Show" fee.  You may, however, reschedule for no extra fee if the weather is bad. We cannot process Photo Shoots online so please call (512) 295-5700 to schedule your reservation.

If we did not charge a $200 fee for photo shoots scheduled outside your scheduled, wedding time-slot, we would be overrun with professional photographers using our grounds for daily photo shoots.

You are free, of course, to take photos at no charge within your scheduled wedding time.

Are you a filmmaker who want to use our grounds to make a movie?
Here's our answer: No. No. No. No. Hell, no.
We've tried this twice. We will not try a third time.