Music of Dulcinea

Listen to this story accompanied by the music of Huffman and Sheeran

“So lazy and calming are these ancient parcels that they act as a narcotic. The temptation is to lose yourself in reverie, to slip irretrievably into a gossamer world of indifference and fantasy.” – Jolee Edmondson, in Sky magazine

Did I think the idea would make money? No.

Did I believe it would change the world? No.

Was it part of a popular trend? No.

When I asked 2 rare musicians to spend a year together, it was because I knew their music needed to exist. Do you sometimes wake up in the morning and know exactly what you’re supposed to do? This was one of those days. “Put Mark Huffman and Phil Sheeran into a studio together and listen to what wafts out.”

Huffman’s mournful, alto flute calls deep to the shadows beneath the trees when the air is warm and there is no breeze; a dark chocolate tunnel exhaling rich, medieval tunes to slow the pulse and quiet the mind, lowering you ever deeper into the narcotic embrace of Savannah’s moss-laden giants on a sultry, summer afternoon.

Conversely, Phil Sheeran is a Latin Jazz guitarist who makes his strings sing crystal; sharp notes tripping brightly on tiptoes, glittering in the sunlight, twinkling and sparkling like ice along a blade.

I’d heard them separately. Now I wanted to hear them together. It would be like watching an episode of Mister Rogers Neighborhood with a zigzagging Zorro slicing the air into confetti about him.

That music needed to exist. And now it does.

The CD is mostly Huffman, with Sheeran appearing only now and again. But the quietly reflective Mother of Sorrows – a haunting soliloquy written and performed by Phil Sheeran as his gift to Dulcinea – is included on this CD in its heartbreaking entirety. When you hear that song you’ll understand why I had to put Huffman and Sheeran into a studio together.

Each CD is uniquely packaged inside a special book that tells the story of the music and of Chapel Dulcinea and how they both came to be. Each of these glossy-finished, hardback books is the same size as a traditional CD case.

With only 1,000 copies printed, DeepFlute Dulcinea is among the rarest of all collector’s items.

Available in the Chapel Dulcinea Welcome Center/Bookstore and at the WizardAcademyPress website, I’d buy one before they’re all gone.

– Roy H. Williams