Major Donors

Anyone who donates $5,000 or more in cash is considered to be a major donor to Wizard Academy and Chapel Dulcinea. A few of our supporters have donated hundreds of thousands!

When the plans for Chapel Dulcinea were announced in 2004, our friends Richard Kessler, Robert Ramsey, and ¬†Sean Jones (at left, in raincoat) flew from Milwaukee, New Orleans, and Vancouver to walk the site with us in the rain. Austin’s #1 Wedding Chapel would not exist today if it wasn’t for the generosity of these men.

Robert Ramsey (in chair at left) and Richard Kessler (at right) are often on campus at Wizard Academy, where they continue to inspire and encourage business people from around the world.

When Chapel Dulcinea was complete, Sean asked if his employees might build a reception pavilion where couples could cut their wedding cakes and enjoy a champagne toast with family and friends. Their Canadian Diamond Pavilion has been used by thousands of happy couples since 2005. When we announced our plans to build Engelbrecht House, a 14-room student mansion, Sean Jones, Richard Kessler and Robert Ramsey were joined by David McInnis to fund fully half of those 14 rooms . Then, when we needed more rooms, Sean Jones stepped forward to fund Spence Manor, a beautiful Spanish hacienda giving us 4 additional rooms plus a conference room, a dining room and a second kitchen. Students at Wizard Academy are allowed to stay in the 18 rooms of Engelbrecht House and Spence Manor at no charge when they’re taking classes on our campus.

Wizard Academy (named after the wise men, or “wise-ards,” in the Bible’s Christmas story,) is a 501c3 educational organization that helps owner-operated businesses achieve greater success, thereby creating jobs and stimulating the economy for the benefit of every citizen.

When we announced our plans to build the classroom tower on top of our plateau, all these friends were there for us once more, with Sean Jones again matching all donations, effectively doubling the giving power of every other supporter, donor and patron of our school.

Since those early days, many hundreds of other supporters have stepped forward to support the higher education of business people around the world, and as a direct consequence of their generosity, Chapel Dulcinea has been available for more than 1,000 weddings per year since 2005.

What can we say to these generous donors but
“THANK YOU.”¬†The world needs more people like you.