Is the Chapel Really Free?

Chapel Dulcinea became the world’s first Free Wedding Chapel in 2005.

The chapel hosts more than 1,000 weddings/year at a cost of more than $240,000 for staff and maintenance. Yes, we’ve been spending $240 per wedding to let couples get married here for free. Obviously, this is not sustainable.

We believed voluntary donations would cover expenses. But after 17 years and a loss of 4 million dollars (yes – we are slow learners) we have realized our beliefs were wildly optimistic. Some would say Quixotic.

The Chapel will continue to host 4 free weddings per day Mon-Thurs in the 8:30am/10:30am/1:30pm/3:30pm time slots. But to ensure the continuing operation of Chapel Dulcinea, deposits will no longer be refunded for new bookings scheduled Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Likewise, weddings that book the 7:00pm time slot Mon-Thurs will not be eligible for a refund. Also, we can no longer host weddings with more than 60 people attending. 

It took us 17 years to come to these decisions and we did not come to them lightly. 

Chapel Dulcinea remains free, but not every day. 

Regardless of where you choose to get married, we wish you a wonderful wedding and a joy-filled life.

Daniel Whittington
Chancellor, Wizard Academy