Is the Chapel Really Free?

In 2005, Chapel Dulcinea became the first Free Wedding Chapel in the world.

When Roy and Pennie were married in 1976, they held their rehearsal dinner in an Oklahoma Pizza Hut and it took all the money they had. Their dream of a free wedding chapel is one of the ways they’ve chosen to lend a helping hand to happy couples in love who may be starting out as financially strapped as they were.

But is it really a free wedding chapel?

Yes, it’s free to you, but the truth is that it costs us a little more than $200,000/year to maintain the Chapel and pay our support staff from 8Am to 8PM 363 days a year. (Chapel Dulcinea hosts 1,000 weddings/year.)

That $200,000 cost ($200 per wedding) is partially offset by the occasional donation of a generous bride and groom, but it has mostly been Roy and Pennie who have shouldered the bulk of our shortage each year since 2005.

Sadly, the day is rapidly approaching when Wizard Academy won’t be able to rely on their ability to do this anymore.

If you could have afforded another wedding venue but chose Chapel Dulcinea because you fell in love with it, here are a couple of ways you might consider helping us keep Chapel Dulcinea open, free and beautiful.

  1. Sponsor your wedding by donating your cancellation deposit. All you have to do is email  us at or call the Welcome Center / Enchanted Emporium at 512-394-0226 and let them know you won’t be expecting a refund check to be mailed to you. For your sponsorship, we’d like to honor you with your choice of a Legacy Brick  (If you can swing $400, we’d be honored and delighted!) A $200 donation covers our cost to provide your wedding, a $400 donation pays for your wedding AND the wedding of someone else! How cool is THAT!

These donations are extremely important to the future of Chapel Dulcinea. Do you believe in the happy futures of couples in love? Are you able to join Roy and Pennie as an investor in those happy futures?

  1. Become one of Dulcinea’s Darlings, donating $10/month to help keep Chapel Dulcinea free. Roy and Pennie have prepared a personal gift they would like to give you in return.

This next part is extremely important to us.

If you’re in the same situation that Roy and Pennie were in when they got married, please know that we built this wedding chapel for you.
Yes, it really is free. No strings attached.
Think of it as an investment – made by strangers – in you and in your future.
We know you’ll help us do the same for others when you’re financially able.

We don’t want anyone to feel guilty about not being able to donate.
That would sort of defeat the whole purpose, right?

We believe marriage is more than just a piece of paper.

Have a great wedding and a happy life!

Daniel Whittington,
Vice-chancellor, Wizard Academy