CoVid Info

Good News! Chapel Dulcinea is Open.We follow the current CDC recommended guidelines and regulations for Hays County and encourage you to do so as well. PLEASE wear a face mask and social distance.

NO CONTACT CHECK-IN:  We're sorry we can't greet you in person, but for your safety and ours, you no longer need to come in the Welcome Center to register.
Our phone number is (512) 394-0226 and will be posted in our front window if you have questions. And remember to check with us to see if a wedding is in progress before visiting the Chapel area.

CHAPEL CAPACITY: Please limit your guest count to allow enough space for proper social distancing.  We strongly encourage you to observe CDC guidelines and ask all guests to wear face masks.

LIVESTREAM:We've installed a Live-Stream Video Camera in Chapel Dulcinea for guests who are unable to attend in person. Remember - our livestream also has audio, so no talking about Great Aunt Bertha who didn't come.

BATHROOMS:  Our staff will not be able to assist you face-to-face, but the bathrooms and the Bride & Groom Rooms will be unlocked and cleaned between every wedding.

CHAPEL RESCHEDULES: If you need to reschedule due to CoVid concerns, there will be no penalty at this time.

DEPOSIT REFUND:  Prior to your wedding you will be emailed two forms to request your deposit refund to complete and return before you arrive. After your wedding, your refund will be mailed within 2 to 4 weeks.

DONATION:  You want to donate? We're extremely grateful! Every donation is precious to us and remember, it's tax-deductible. But, if you choose the refund we will happily mail you a check.

Please stay safe, happy, & healthy!