A Wizard Academy Romance

A Wizard Academy Romance

November 29, 2006 – They both decided to attend at the last minute.

Keri Hoath traveled to Austin from Owen Sound, Ontario, where she handles internet and print for an advertising agency.

Matt Miller arrived from Cedar Falls, Iowa, where he does outside sales for a laser-based metal fabricator.

They’d come to learn from Jeff and Bryan Eisenberg how to make magic in the world of online marketing.

But the academy had a different kind of magic for them.

Here’s how Matt tells it:

“As I sat there, the energy between us was unexplainable. The hair on my arms stood up, my thoughts were racing, a complete state of hyperawareness occurred. I had never experienced this from just sitting next to someone. After lunch, someone had taken her seat in Tuscan Hall, so we didn’t sit next to each other. I had to catch an early flight, so I left before the day was completed.”

Matt Miller went back to Iowa. But he couldn’t quit thinking about the girl who had sat beside him for half a day. Something inside of Matt wanted that girl to sit beside him for the rest of his life.

“Several weeks later I found out that Keri had experienced the same thing.  As we sat there during the morning session of day 3, she felt the same pull between us.  When I left to catch my flight, she tried to stand up and catch me to talk a little more, but her legs wouldn’t follow.  As soon as she was able, she went outside, but it was too late.”

“While our lives and circumstances prevented much discussion until February, 2007, nothing has come between us since, and nearly everything has tried. We returned to the Academy to exchange our vows on 12 September, 2007. Wen McNally, another classmate from the academy, flew in from Virginia to take our wedding photos.”


And they lived happily ever after.