A Book About the Chapel

The literary world has been drawn to Don Quixote for more than four centuries. Yet the book is hard reading and dull, full of inconsistencies, and confusing. A little like the Bible.

Yet it’s the second most widely read book on earth.

Second only to… the Bible.

I believe our magnetic attraction to Don Quixote is due to the glimmering image of a much older story that shines through it. Look closely and you will see the Gospel of Jesus in this tale of the Man from La Mancha:

We are Dulcinea to his deity.
We are Sancho Panza to his humanity.
And the long-armed windmill is Death.

Open the gates of your imagination and walk with me into that world…

– Roy H. Williams

The Gospel of Don is just one part of this wonderful little book that explains the hidden mysteries of Chapel Dulcinea. The first section of the book tells the true story of why – and how – the chapel was born. Another section gives you the keys to unlock hidden symbols in the chapel’s architecture. Yet another section introduces you to the miraculous workers that raised this special chapel from the earth in less time than is humanly possible. And in a bonus section, Dr. Richard D. Grant gives you an understanding of marriage as a transformative journey, along with the other transformative journeys we face throughout our lives.

Buy the book. You won’t be disappointed.

Available online and in the gift shop near the chapel.

76 pages